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Thursday, March 8

12:00am CST

7:00am CST

8:00am CST

8:30am CST

9:00am CST

Acting and Singing With Archetypes: Part 1 Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BBill Adams • Allison Hetzel • Marlene Johnson Acting-Driven Singing: Let Your Character Drive Technique! Riverview - ClipperLori Guy CANCELLED: From Princess to Gargoyle: Embrace Change, Create Longevity NA Design South: Costume and Props Technology Mobile Convention Center - 107 BTracy Floyd • Logan Reagan Digital Prompt Books and Blocking for Stage Managers Mobile Convention Center - 107 AShawn Paul Evans Faith, Theatre and Academia: A Conversation Riverview - Commodore SuiteBeki Baker • Dan Buck • Joseph Frost First Steps Into Virtual Reality for Designers Mobile Convention Center - 106 BWill Lowry • Charles Lucas From Studio to Stage: Process vs. Product Riverview - WindjammerRobin Root • Ed Wagenseller Introduction to the Ecole Jacques Lecoq Approach Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BDavid Gaines KCACTF Region 4 Revealed: Structure, Operations and Opportunities Battle House - Ashland Place BJoel Williams New Walk, New Talk Riverview - Grand Bay BallroomPaul Bawek Preparing Your Character Through the Art of Meditation Riverview - RiverboatSeret Cole • Jason Englestad Radical Mask Making, Millinery and Puppetry: Life, Death and Apocalypse Riverview - Jubilee SuiteKyle Schnack • Nathan Ynacay Shake up Your Shakespeare: Games and Tactics Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BSusan Pike Song-Spotting: Writing for Musical Theatre Riverview - Admiral SuiteViolet Saylor The Balanced Performer: Voice and Movement Through Alexander Technique Battle House - Tree HouseRachel Hillmer • Kelley Schoger The Key Plays: Underdogs Mobile Convention Center - 106 ASteven Burch • Elizabeth Kirkland • Sarah McCarroll • Michael Walker Theatre Branding in the Digital Age Mobile Convention Center - 201 AJim Gallagher Theatre for Youth Festival Performance: Twas the Week After Christmas Riverview - Bon Secour BallroomCassady Gorrell • Chad McDonald • Ernie Nolan • Suzan Zeder • 1st Street Music & Sound Company • Robe Lighting • 4Wall Entertainment Lighting Design Competition Check-In and Display Setup Mobile Convention Center - Exhibit HallNeno Russell • Clemson Theatre • Emily Strickland • Justin Reed

9:30am CST

10:00am CST

10:15am CST

10:30am CST

Arts Administration Interest Group Battle House - LeinkaufDominic Yeager Scholarship Procedures Committee Meeting Riverview - Commodore SuiteDean Slusser Basics of Stage Management: What Beginners Need to Know Riverview - Admiral SuiteRussell Luke Beyond the Stage: Project Management for Theatre Professionals Riverview - SchoonerRyan Kirk • Amanda Nelson, Virginia Tech, Associate Professor, Theatre, and Director, MFA Arts Leadership CANCELLED: Finding the Life of Your Character NA Creating Cabaret: Bringing Songs and Ideas Passionately Alive Mobile Convention Center - 106 ABremner Duthie Design South: Projection Mobile Convention Center - 107 BJoseph Payne Developing a New Outdoor Drama: In the Valley Where They Danced Mobile Convention Center - 106 BKathy Blum Blandin • William Gabelhausen • Michael Hardy • Emory Jones Historic Garment Collections: Resources for Designers and Technicians Mobile Convention Center - 201 AHali Hutchison • Kelly James-Penot Kapow! The Art of Stage Combat Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BDon Stallings Monologues: The Compelling Storyteller Riverview - WindjammerSherrie Peterson Partner Characterization: A Text-Free Approach to Character Building Battle House - Tree HouseBob Shryock Practical Color Theory: Color Mixing Across Technologies Mobile Convention Center - 107 AVictoria Fisher Shakespeare's Acting Secrets: Mining the Text for Clues Riverview - Jubilee SuitePaul Hurley Sing Your Act Off! Riverview - ClipperDenise Johnson Teach the Crew: Start by Training Them as ASMs Riverview - RiverboatElynmarie Kazle • Adrienne Wells Voice Through Movement: Suit the Word to the Action Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BJoshua Miller What's App, Doc?! Apps for Theatre Appreciation Battle House - Bienville SquareLisa Bohn Theatre for Youth Festival Performance: The Jungle Book Riverview - Bon Secour BallroomCassady Gorrell • Chad McDonald • Ernie Nolan • Suzan Zeder • 1st Street Music & Sound Company • Robe Lighting • 4Wall Entertainment Lighting Playwright's Corner Battle House - Ashland Place BDarren Michael Dance Prep: Preparation, Presentation & Career Planning Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BStephanie Swant Conquering Theatrical Style! Mobile Convention Center - 201 BTim Mooney Theatre Job Fair Mobile Convention Center - Exhibit HallApril Marshall • Constance Smith

11:00am CST

12:00pm CST

Past Presidents Committee Meeting Battle House - Presidents SuiteJack Benjamin Stage Movement Interest Group Riverview - Captain SuiteMatthew R. Wilson "The Little Foxes": Inside the 2017 Broadway Revival Riverview - Commodore SuiteDavid Alford • Anna Filippo CANCELLED: Discover Your Mixed Voice: You've Always Had It NA Costume Construction: Design and Develop Your Course Mobile Convention Center - 201 AFreddy Clements • Sharon Morgan • Amy Page Design South: Sound Mobile Convention Center - 107 BShannon Marie O'Neill Foundations of Festival Management Mobile Convention Center - 107 AMelissa Johnston • Ryan Kirk Introducing Meisner Techniques Into an Acting 1 Curriculum Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BDoug Brown Know the Greats: The Next Generation of American Writers Battle House - Bienville SquareCourtney Kochuba Living Outside the Box With Only Collaboration Mobile Convention Center - 106 AJane Childs • Brian Gale • Leonard Miller Microexpression and Meisner: Nonverbal Communication Theory and Acting Battle House - Tree HouseAndy Geffken • Scott Hayes New York to L.A.: The Business of Acting Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BRyan Chittaphong • Don Williams • Johnny Yoder Singing in Style in Musical Theatre Riverview - ClipperEdrie Means Stage Managing Opera and Musicals Riverview - WindjammerKaren Baker Tech Theatre to Commercial Scene Shop: Preparing Students Riverview - Jubilee SuiteJohn Keisling • Amanda Klipsch • Jeremy Toedter The Director's Concept: Forming and Communicating Your Vision Riverview - SchoonerMolly Claassen Two's Company: The Relationship Between Director and Musical Director Battle House - LeinkaufStacy Alley • Tom Alsip • Paul Crook • Terry Moore Vectorworks for Set Build Plans and 3D Build Models Mobile Convention Center - 106 BCamden Simon Theatre for Youth Festival Performance: The Branchman Riverview - Bon Secour BallroomCassady Gorrell • Chad McDonald • Ernie Nolan • Suzan Zeder • 1st Street Music & Sound Company • Robe Lighting • 4Wall Entertainment Lighting Design Portfolio Review Mobile Convention Center - Exhibit Hall Workshop SpaceJustin Reed • Neno Russell • Emily Strickland • Clemson Theatre

12:30pm CST

1:00pm CST

Acting as a Profession: Kickstart Your Acting Career Mobile Convention Center - 106 AGabrielle Berberich • Greg Chwerchak • Jessica Corn • Brett Goldstein Be Our Guest and Beyond: Costume Craft Processes Mobile Convention Center - 107 AAmy Avila • Sarah Jahnke • Colleen Muscha Bring Your Authentic Self to the Text Riverview - RiverboatGary Kingston Creating and Developing a Solo Show Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BAnnie Levy Design South: Scenic Mobile Convention Center - 107 BKrista Franco • Ruth Brandvik • Randall McMullen Directing: Using Movement to Tell Stories Battle House - Tree HouseStuart Brown Droznin: An Introduction to Russian Movement Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BViolet Saylor Effective Theatre Teachers: A Roundtable Discussion Riverview - Grand Bay BallroomJames Chrismon Fierce Makeup: Creating Animal Characters Riverview - WindjammerNorcostco Kick, Guide and Bevel! Dancing Secrets From a Rockette Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BKaryn Tomczak Legal Issues for the Theatre Riverview - Commodore SuiteDaniel Ellison Let Your Musical Sparkle: The Musical for Educators Riverview - ClipperSusan Pike Multi-University Collaboration: A Co-Production of “Constellations” Battle House - Bienville SquarePaul Hurley • Eric Koger • Christie Maturo • Lyle Miller • Sally Story NEW! SETC Theatre Consulting Network Battle House - LeinkaufMichael Hardy • Betsey Horth • Clay Thornton • David Wohl Play Submission and Marketing: Get Your Work Produced! Riverview - Jubilee SuiteLaura King So Many Choices! How Do I Cast It? Mobile Convention Center - 201 APaul Crook So You Want to Have Kids? Battle House - Ashland Place BGerman Cardenas • Ashleigh Poteat Sound Design: A Multilayered Approach Mobile Convention Center - 106 BNicholas Drashner Violent Delights: Spectacle on Stage Riverview - SchoonerGeoffrey Douglas • Stephanie Murphy • Zackary Ross • Kyle Thompson • Seth Wilson • John Wright What, I'm a Department of One? Riverview - Admiral SuiteKeith Hight

1:30pm CST

2:30pm CST

4:00pm CST

Theatre for Youth Festival Critique Riverview - WindjammerCassady Gorrell • Ernie Nolan • Suzan Zeder Directing Interest Meeting Riverview - RiverboatRichard St. Peter Publications Committee Meeting Battle House - Ashland Place BJ.K. Curry • Deanna Thompson State Executive Director Networking Forum Riverview - Captain SuiteBetsey Horth And Still Things Go Bump in the Night Mobile Convention Center - 106 ABarbara Brock • Will George Booking Film and TV: Auditioning on Camera Riverview - Admiral SuiteGabrielle Berberich • Greg Chwerchak • Brett Goldstein CANCELLED: Breathe, Then Speak: An Introduction to Fitzmaurice Voicework® NA Creative Landscapes: Physical Improv, Movement and Sound Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BJohn Paul Staszel Creative Solutions for Stage Managers Round Table Mobile Convention Center - 201 BStacy Blackburn • George Hamrah • Jen Lane • Julie A. Richardson • Cherrie Sciro Dance Longer and Stronger: A Scientific Approach Mobile Convention Center - 107 AYenwen Kuo Design South: Technical Direction Mobile Convention Center - 107 BBrian Smallwood Four Elements for Character Development: Earth, Air, Fire and Water Battle House - Tree HouseNeil David Seibel KCACTF Respondent Training: Speaking to Young Artists (Part 1) Battle House - Bienville SquareScott Mackenzie Musical Improvisation Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BRex Knowles • Sherry Landrum Musical Theatre and Stanislavski: The Art of Experiencing Riverview - Mobile Bay BallroomChelsea Nicholson Navigating Next Steps in Design/Technology Careers Mobile Convention Center - 201 ALara Berich • Richard Dunham • Brackley Frayer • James Gage • Sara Ross Pre-Beat Blastoff: The Moment Before as Launchpad Battle House - Oakleigh GardenJustin Amellio Professional Workflow in SketchUp for Set Designers Riverview - Jubilee SuiteMatthew Emerson Quo Vadis: The 21st Century Christian Theatre Artist Riverview - Commodore SuiteJoseph Frost • Scott Hayes • Regent University Shakespeare Monologue Jam Session: Bring 10 Lines! Riverview - Grand Bay BallroomDoreen Bechtol Sketching, Rendering and Model Making Mobile Convention Center - 106 BMarianne Custer Stage Combat Safety Protocols for Directors, Stage Managers and Actors Riverview - SchoonerSteven Schwall This Pianist Hates Me: Working With Audition Accompanists Riverview - ClipperIan LeRoy Ten-Minute Play Festival: Tech Rehearsals Riverview - Bon Secour BallroomLauren Brooke Ellis Stage Technology Hackathon: The Build Mobile Convention Center - VIP LoungeRick Mayfield • Kevin Wolfgang

4:30pm CST

5:00pm CST

5:30pm CST

6:00pm CST

6:30pm CST

7:00pm CST

7:30pm CST

8:00pm CST

9:00pm CST

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