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Friday, March 9

12:00am CST

7:30am CST

8:00am CST

Keynote Emerging Artists of Promise Meeting II Riverview - Captain SuiteClaire Roberts USITT Southeast Section Business Meeting Mobile Convention Center - 107 B Acting the Fight: Body NRGs, Text and Motion Battle House - Crystal BallroomBart Williams Acting the Song Riverview - ClipperSherry Landrum • Jennifer Arbogast Wilson Actor Warm-Up Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BRachel Hillmer • Dawn Souza Adapting Literary Works for the Stage Riverview - WindjammerSteven Burch • E. Bert Wallace • Wesley Young Blacklight Effects: Paint, Makeup, Tape Riverview - Jubilee SuiteMike Collins Hacking the Stage: Approaches for Cross-Curricular STEAM Programming Riverview - SchoonerKevin Wolfgang Improving Your Work Through Improv Riverview - RiverboatNew York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts Research to Reality: 2D Visuals to 3D Sets Mobile Convention Center - 201 BHolly Breuer Scenic and Costume Shop Organization: Owning Your Space Mobile Convention Center - 107 AThomas Fagerholm • Kristin Grieneisen • Logan Reagan • Casey Watkins Something out of Nothing: Costuming Without a Costumer Mobile Convention Center - 106 BStarr Garrett The Masks of Commedia dell'Arte Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BKevin Kern • Jon Liebetrau Write for Southern Theatre Magazine Battle House - Ashland Place BJ.K. Curry • Deanna Thompson Silent Auction: Masquerade! Mobile Convention Center - Concourse LobbyFreddy Clements Gus' Green Room Mobile Convention Center - Concourse LobbyBreak A Leg Network / Dwayne Ague Check-In and Registration Mobile Convention Center - Concourse LobbyMark Snyder • Jean Wentz Info Hub, Message Board and Convention Gear Mobile Convention Center - Concourse LobbyClay Thornton

8:30am CST

9:00am CST

Theatre Symposium Interest Meeting Battle House - MidtownSarah McCarroll • Andrew Gibb • E. Bert Wallace Acting in Your Own Short Film Mobile Convention Center - 106 AGabrielle Berberich • Greg Chwerchak • Brett Goldstein Building a Performing Arts Center: Where Do You Begin? Mobile Convention Center - 107 AFranklin deCelle • Robin Jaffe • William Teague CrossFit Clown Riverview - Mobile Bay BallroomMatthew Belopavlovich Design by Distance Riverview - Jubilee SuiteAmber Marisa Cook • Darren Levin • Shannon Robert Don't Bold That! Crafting Effective Written Correspondence Battle House - LeinkaufKarli Henderson Down and Dirty: Model Building Techniques for the Busy Designer Riverview - Commodore SuiteRuth Brandvik Finding Your Fierce: Contemporary/Commercial Dance Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BRoy Lightner How to Practice! Turn Practice Time Into Productive Time Riverview - RiverboatDavid Cotter • Stephen Svoboda Improv and Acting: From Stage to Screen Riverview - Admiral SuiteBlake Babbitt Introduction to Vocal Yoga® for the Actor Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BStacey Cabaj • Andrea Morales • Lisa Wipperling Japanese Theatre Technical Adaptations for Western Plays Riverview - SchoonerKelly Berry • Dan Gelbmann Playback Theatre: Improv OF and FOR the People Battle House - Bienville SquareTenika Dye Burgess Realism Is Not the Default: Approaching Non-Realism Battle House - Oakleigh GardenAnnie Levy Servant Leadership and Meisner: Focusing on the Other Riverview - WindjammerDr. Scott Hayes Shakespeare in Motion: Getting Out of Your Head Riverview - Grand Bay BallroomBart Williams Sound and Motion: Combined Techniques for Fierce Song Performance Mobile Convention Center - 106 BAdam Howard Sound System Paperwork and Documentation Mobile Convention Center - 201 ANicholas Drashner • Shannon Marie O'Neill • Benjamin Stickels Sustainable Practices in Theatre: The Four R's Mobile Convention Center - 201 BVandy Scoates The Nerve-Proof Audition Riverview - ClipperMichael Unger The Tech Table: Get the Most out of Your Process Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BElynmarie Kazle • Julie A. Richardson • Tina Shackleford • Adrienne Wells What Women Want: Directing From a Female Perspective Battle House - Crystal BallroomCarrie Colton • Jenna Elser Stage Technology Hackathon: Showcase Mobile Convention Center - Exhibit Hall Workshop SpaceRick Mayfield • Kevin Wolfgang Give and Take: The Art and Craft of Feedback Battle House - Tree HouseSuzan Zeder Theatre Job Fair Mobile Convention Center - Exhibit HallApril Marshall • Constance Smith Design Competition: Displays Open Mobile Convention Center - Exhibit HallClemson Theatre • Justin Reed • Neno Russell • Emily Strickland

10:00am CST

10:15am CST

10:30am CST

State President, Representative and Executive Director Networking Forum Battle House - Presidents SuiteBetsey Horth • Tiza Garland Women in Theatre Interest Group Battle House - MidtownShannon Robert ABCs of Voice-Over and Animation Battle House - Bienville SquareReis McCormick • Deborah Stone Artistic Entrepreneurs: Self-Producing on the Fringe Riverview - Jubilee SuiteMatt Davenport • David Gaines • Megan Gogerty • Taylor Gruenloh • Dawn Larsen • Chris Rich • Neil David Seibel Auditioning for Film and TV: Casting Director-Actor Relationship Riverview - SchoonerCraig Anton • Alpha Tyler Click. Click. Done. Using Data to Make Your Website Better...Stronger...FASTER Mobile Convention Center - 201 ACeci Dadisman • Drew McManus Dialects: An Inroad to Character, A Way to Connect Riverview - RiverboatLinda Brennan Digital Light Rendering in Vectorworks Mobile Convention Center - 106 BDale Pickard Exciting Entertainment Job Opportunities! Mobile Convention Center - 201 BJoyce Arbucias • Mike Avila • Tiffany Wilkie Fill Your Seats: An Introduction to Marketing for Theatre Riverview - Commodore SuiteCourtney Kochuba Healthy Belting: To Belt or Not to Belt? Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BBill Adams Joining Forces: Contact Improvisation for Everyone Riverview - Grand Bay BallroomChristine Fisher • Todd Fisher Juggling 101 Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BMichael Williams Stage Manager Work Kit: The Essentials Mobile Convention Center - 107 AJen Lane • Julie A. Richardson STEAM Collaboration: How-To on Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Battle House - LeinkaufAmy Guerin To Be or Knot to Be: 8 Basic Knots Battle House - Crystal BallroomKatie Malloy • John Spiegel Voice-Over Performance: An Introduction Mobile Convention Center - 106 ATom Alsip Dance Prep: Preparation, Presentation & Career Planning Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BStephanie Swant

11:00am CST

11:30am CST

12:00pm CST

Musical Theatre Interest Group Battle House - MidtownValerie Accetta • Nancy Wolfgang Small Theatre Support Group Battle House - Ashland Place BJosh Webb Applied Theatre Introduction: Theatre as a Tool Battle House - Oakleigh GardenLindsay Bytof Conor McPherson: Ghosts, Myths and Bob Dylan Battle House - LeinkaufMichael Howley Create the Space: Controlling Actor's Space Through Biomechanics Battle House - Crystal BallroomDavid Reed Creative Teaching: Fun Projects for the Classroom Riverview - Commodore SuiteDaniel Gordon • Dana White Jr. • Kyle Schnack Director and Designer Collaboration: Communicating for a Unified Production Mobile Convention Center - 106 BMolly Claassen • Randall Enlow Faculty Move and Groove Battle House - Bienville SquareGeorgia Southern University Graduating With Your Theatre Degree: Next Steps Riverview - Admiral SuiteKim Correll • Jackie Daniels How to Self-Tape a Successful Audition Riverview - SchoonerNew York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts Know Your Vocal Instrument and Achieve Vocal Freedom Battle House - Tree HouseChristian Elser Lecoq Improvisation: A Space, an Event Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BDavid Gaines Outside the Box Thinking in Theatre Production Mobile Convention Center - 107 AFranklin deCelle Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space Riverview - Grand Bay BallroomBrad Lee Preparing Backstage: Starting Your Performance at 100% Riverview - RiverboatChristie Maturo • Suzanne Schmidt Soft Circuits (Costumes and Props): Beginning and Understanding Mobile Convention Center - 201 AChristina Hadleydike Stage Managing Immersive and Created Space Theatre Mobile Convention Center - 201 BMolly Donahue • Julie A. Richardson Tango Technique Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BNathan Allen Tap It Out! Mobile Convention Center - East BallroomKaryn Tomczak The New Director: A Roundtable Discussion Riverview - WindjammerRichard St. Peter There's an App for That Riverview - Jubilee SuiteAshleigh Poteat Think Outside the Stage: Making a Living With a Design Degree Mobile Convention Center - 106 ARyan Cole • Mandy Goynes • Karen Miller

12:30pm CST

1:00pm CST

8 Shows in 8 Weeks: Multitasking Like a Boss Battle House - LeinkaufMandy Goynes Broadway Dance Class Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BBradley Allan Zarr CANCELLED: Don't Think! Do! Clown Technique for Actors NA Design South: Costume Design Mobile Convention Center - 107 AAllison Steadman Expressive Action: Make Your Performance Come Alive! Battle House - Crystal BallroomKristi Shamburger Highlights of Theatre Symposium 26: In Other Habits Riverview - Captain SuiteAndrew Gibb • Sarah McCarroll • E. Bert Wallace Improvisation Techniques for the Singing Actor Battle House - Tree HouseKathy Morath Introducing LEDs Into Your Rig: Practical Approaches Riverview - Admiral SuiteVictoria Fisher Motion Capture Performance Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BAndrew Ray Nailing Your Dance Audition: I Hope I Get It Riverview - Grand Bay BallroomKristen Bennett On-Camera Techniques for Auditioning Riverview - RiverboatBridget Flanery Professional Audition Round Table: Thoughts From Behind the Table Riverview - Jubilee SuiteValerie Accetta • Matt Davenport • Ginger Poole Quick and Dirty Scenic Design Renderings With Photoshop Mobile Convention Center - 106 BKerry Chipman Ready for My Close-Up: Acting for the Camera Riverview - SchoonerVictor McCay Recreating a Historic 1858 Theatre Backdrop Mobile Convention Center - 106 ARandall Enlow Rediscovering Lyrics: Focusing on Text in Musical Theatre Auditions Battle House - MidtownDavid Sollish Shakespeare & Voice-Over to Sell Stuff Battle House - Bienville SquareTalon Beeson Shakespeare Staging: The Olde and the New Battle House - Oakleigh GardenRick Blunt Suzuki Express: Harnessing the Power of Suzuki Principles Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BKeone Fuqua The Art of Hot Glue Casting and Molding Mobile Convention Center - 201 BTerry Jachimiak • Evelyn Thornhill The Side Hustle: How to Supplement Your Creative Career Mobile Convention Center - 201 AHilary Sutton Theatre as Service: Applied Theatre, Ministry and Missions Riverview - WindjammerTenika Dye Burgess Vocal Boundaries: Singing Successfully Across Styles Riverview - ClipperJeremiah Downes Wicker Wizardry: Wings and Things Riverview - Commodore SuiteVictoria Depew Writing Strong Women: A Collaboration With Idealistic Collegiate Women Battle House - Ashland Place BLinda Nell Cooper

1:30pm CST

2:00pm CST

2:30pm CST

3:30pm CST

3:45pm CST

4:00pm CST

4:30pm CST

Fringe Festival Performance: Shuddersome, Tales of Poe Riverview - Bon Secour BallroomPat Gagliano • Chad McDonald • 1st Street Music & Sound Company • Robe Lighting • 4Wall Entertainment Lighting Theatre for Youth Divisional Meeting Battle House - MidtownAmie Kisling Voice & Speech Interest Group Mobile Convention Center - 106 BStacey Cabaj • Rebecca Covey All-State Meeting and Social Battle House - Crystal BallroomLee Crouse ACTORbatics: Introduction to Droznin Russian Movement Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BCarrigan O'Brian All-In-One Technical Theatre Professor Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BTerry Jachimiak • Dale Pickard Archetypal Actions and Life Body: Michael Chekhov Technique Riverview - RiverboatSusan Cato-Chapman • Lionel Walsh Calling a Show Like a Gunslinger: Trick Shots Mobile Convention Center - 201 BJulie A. Richardson • Ken White • Michelle R. Wood CANCELLED: Broadway and Beyond NA CANCELLED: Unusual Acting Jobs: You'll Pay Me to Do WHAT?! NA Connecting Production to Scholarship: A Case Study Riverview - Commodore SuiteJonathan Hess • Frank Kuhn • Alex Roe Creating Dimensional Ribbon Trim Mobile Convention Center - 201 AStacey Galloway • Audrey Hamilton • Martha Marking • Jennie Ruhland Design South: Lighting Mobile Convention Center - 107 AChristian DeAngelis Following the Road Signs: Performance Through Song Analysis Riverview - ClipperJeremiah Downes Fundamentals of Unarmed Stage Combat Battle House - Bienville SquareSteven Schwall Let Go of Your Butt, Breathe and Speak Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BKimberly Willard Meisner Acting: Living in the Moment Riverview - Grand Bay BallroomGary Kingston Ready for Show Business? Marketing Tools for Actors Battle House - LeinkaufShorey Walker Rubber Chicken Improv Festival for Fun and Profit Battle House - Moonlight Ballroom Salon CTonya Hays Southern Voices on the Global Stage Riverview - Jubilee SuiteDeborah Bell • Denise Gabriel • Thomas Keith • Preston Lane Speak With Confidence: The Actor's Voice Battle House - Tree HouseVirginia Tech Stage to Camera Acting: Techniques to Adapt Riverview - SchoonerRobert Parker The Directing Classroom: Teaching Strategies Battle House - Oakleigh GardenAnne Towns What Can I Really Do in 8 Bars? Riverview - Mobile Bay BallroomChristianne Roll Women in Theatre: A Panel Discussion Riverview - WindjammerKaren Arredondo • Will Davis • Danica Jenelle Horton • Roberta Inscho-Cox • Caisa Sanburg • Jo Sanburg • Kyle Yampiro Working With LED Tape: A Technical Director's Approach Riverview - Admiral SuiteJohn Forsman Playwright's Corner Battle House - Old Dauphin WayDarren Michael

6:00pm CST

High School Theatre Festival Performance: Relative Strangers Mobile Civic CenterAmy Hockinson • Gary Weatherly • Chris Bellinger • José Casas • Christina Villaverde • Norcostco • 1st Street Music & Sound Company College and University Interest Meeting/Mixer Battle House - Crystal BallroomMary Fran Crook • Barbizon Lighting Company • Samuel French National Meeting Alpha Psi Omega/Delta Psi Omega Battle House - Leinkauf Action + Quality = Character Mobile Convention Center - 204 A/BJesse Graham Actor for Life: Amazing Career Without the Drama Riverview - Grand Bay BallroomConnie deVeer • Jan Elfline Build It to Be Altered, Wardrobe Witchery Style! Mobile Convention Center - 107 AJason Estala • Wardrobe Witchery Character Choice From Musical Device: Beyond the Words Riverview - Mobile Bay BallroomBrian Osborne CNC Sculpting: A Technician's Approach to Sculpting Mobile Convention Center - 201 AJames Boynton • Kyle Moore • Peyton Talley Engaging the Performer's Will Toward Ensemble Riverview - RiverboatTim Matheny Knife Stage Combat: Reach out and Cut Someone Mobile Convention Center - 203 A/BDavid Reed Knowing Your Essence With a Casting Director Mobile Convention Center - 106 ATiffany Wilkie Performing Antiquated Scripts in Our Diverse Culture Riverview - Commodore SuiteQuinton Cockrell • Gaye Jeffers • Valerie Lemmons • Jennifer Luck • Ellen Peck • Chalethia Williams Pirate Fighting: Sword Fight Like a Pirate Mobile Convention Center - 202 A/BStewart Hawley Staging Intimacy in Education: Classroom/Rehearsal Etiquette Mobile Convention Center - 201 BKate Busselle • Chelsea Pace • Laura Rikard The Singing Actor Riverview - ClipperEdrie Means • Susan Pike Theatre for Youth Forecast Battle House - MidtownAmie Kisling • Ernie Nolan • Suzan Zeder What Not To Wear: What “"Season"” Suits You Riverview - WindjammerJanet Gray • Stephen Gundersheim Stella Adler Studio of Acting Workshop Riverview - Jubilee SuiteRyan Chittaphong • Don Williams • Johnny Yoder Media Lab: Work Sessions Mobile Convention Center - 106 BKenton Yeager • Yeagerlabs

6:30pm CST

7:00pm CST

7:30pm CST

8:00pm CST

9:00pm CST

10:00pm CST

11:30pm CST


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