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Matt Leckenbush

Clemson University
Director of Theatre
Piedmont, South Carolina
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Theatre Faculty



Becker, Becky

Professor of Theatre

                                                                            Email:     becker1@clemson.edu

Office: Brooks 221


Collins, Carol A

Senior Lecturer, Theatre

                                                                            Email:     collinc@clemson.edu


Hartmann, David J.

Professor of Theatre

                                                                           Email:     hartmad@clemson.edu

Office: 221D Brooks

Phone: 864-656-3043


Johnson, Kendra Lynette

Associate Professor of Theatre

M.F.A., University of Tennessee-Knoxville (1994)

                                                                            Email:     kjohns7@clemson.edu

Office: 211 Brooks Center


Leckenbusch, Matt

Director of Theatre

                                                                            Email:     mlecken@clemson.edu

Phone: 864-656-3043


Penna, Anthony M

Associate Professor of Theatre

                                                                           Email: tpenna@clemson.edu

Phone: 864-656-6961

Robert, Shannon Therese

Associate Professor of Theatre

                                                                           Email:     shanrob@clemson.edu

Seymour, Kerrie Kathleen

Associate Professor of Theatre

                                                                            Email:     kseymou@clemson.edu

My Presenters Sessions

Thursday, March 8

12:00pm CST


My Presiders Sessions

Wednesday, March 7

4:00pm CST

Thursday, March 8

9:00am CST

6:30pm CST

Friday, March 9

9:00am CST

8:00pm CST

Saturday, March 10

9:00am CST


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