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Steven Schwall

Academy of Combat and Movement Education
Founder and Lead Instructor
Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area
Steven Schwall has been staging fights professionally since 2006. He is a Certified Teacher of Stage Combat with the Society of American Fight Directors. In addition, he is a Level 2 professor of the Margolis Method of Dynamic Movement. He is also a practitioner of Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA), and Ko-Ryu Kabudo (Okinawan weapons). He has recently added Intimacy Direction to his repertoire. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Fine Art and did his graduate work in Theater/Performance Studies at Eastern Michigan University. He has been an instructor at several SAFD regional workshops and has presented workshops for the Community Theatre Association of Michigan (CTAM), the American Association of Community Theaters (AACT), and the Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival Conference twice.

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